Search Engine

The MathWebSearch system (MWS) is a content-based search engine for mathematical formulae. It indexes MathML formulae, using a technique derived from automated theorem proving: term indexing.

The MWS search engine is optimized for fast query responses and interactive applications. Unification queries form the basis for expressive query languages with well-defined semantics. Any corpus whose formulae can referenced by URIs and converted to Content MathML can be indexed by MWS.

Project Information

MWS is developed by the KWARC group at Jacobs University. The source code is available in the MWS GitHub Repository. For details and news about the project, see the MWS Developer Portal.


The MWS search engine can be employed by various front-ends. Here are some web-based ones.

We are currently developing:

Our applications are largely restricted by our server capacities and in particular the RAM (we would like to offer a formula search engine for all of the, but would need another server with about 128GB RAM for that. If you want to donate server space or propose another application, contact Michael Kohlhase.